Adding A Special Look To Your Bathroom

When working on your bathroom, we all want to make it fun and unique.  The bathroom should be soothing and fit the personality of the person who is using it.  This can be difficult in some cases, however, if you focus on bathroom fixtures in decatur il it can really change and look unique.


The next thing that you can look at is the tiles that you put on the floor on the walls.  These tiles can and should have a texture to them as well as a soothing color.  You don’t want to have shocking or bold colors in your bathroom.  You want to have colors that are mellow and muted.  This way, they don’t show dirt or other imperfections.


The fixtures should be brass, silver or non-reflective.  One of the main things that you want to take into consideration when looking at fixtures is water spots.  If you have a lot of water spots on your fixtures they will start to look dull and dirty. 


The one thing that will tie everything together is going to be the lighting.  Lighting will help make your space look bigger, brighter and more inviting.  On the other hand, if you don’t have a good level of lighting your space will look darker, dirtier and more.  When looking at lighting try to work with natural light or energy efficient lighting. 

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Towels, soaps and other accessories

Now that you have the overall look and feel of your bathroom, you will want to focus on the towels that you use and hang out.  Back in the past you would have towels that you weren’t able to touch or were specific for company.  You can do the same thing in your bathroom which makes the main space a showpiece and a place that will be inviting for you and your guests.